$6k Semi Annual Tournament Oct. 6th & 7th!!!!

The next $6k Semi Annual Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th at R Place (3412 N. Dodge Blvd in Tucson, AZ) The start time is 1PM on both days with Registration starting at 11AM. Due to the large number of players qualified for this event we suggest that you arrive no later than noon in order to guarantee your seat.
Attached is a list of all players qualified from each region and their starting chip counts.

We will be awarding six $1070.00 Buy-ins to the Arizona State Poker Championship!!!! This year there was over $1 MILLION in the prize pool and the WINNER walked away with OVER $233,000.00!!!!
We have had some players asking why we aren't awarding cash prizes at this Semi Annual event. We will be offering a less cash option to the winners of the Semi Annual event if they can't attend the AZ State Championship or a HPT $1060.00 Buy-in event in New Mexico. Players will need to let us know 45 days prior to the AZ State Championship (tentatively scheduled for late August 2013) if they choose to opt for the less cash option. Obviously we would prefer that you play in the AZ State Championship or an HPT event and have an opportunity to WIN life changing money!

We would like to congratulate ALL of our players that qualified for the Semi Annual event and THANK YOU to ALL of our LOYAL players for continuing to support your venues while you play "NO ENTRY FEE ~ NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD'EM" with The Poker Pub! GOOD LUCK in the tournament and ..."May all your cards be live!"

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